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Business As Usual

I have spent a lot of time photographing people from many walks of life. What I find is simply put, we all have something in common, Humanity. Whether we are of different religions, genders, cultures, socioeconomic status, etc. I find there is always something we can connect to one another about. That connection is what I seek out in my work so that people feel comfortable in front of my camera and safe, and the genuineness that we all have can come through. 

That being said, aside from actors a lot of individuals I work with are uncomfortable in front of the camera at first. My job is to get them comfortable so their beauty shines through. Here are some suggestions also about wardrobe. 

Clothing and Colors


Solid colored clothing Is usually the safest, as patterns can be distracting to the viewer. We don't want to distract viewers by the shimmering of your jacket. The reason is that small patterns and thin pinstripes cause the photo and especially in video to have an effect known as moiré. This also applies to accessories, such as ties, bowties, and scarves. Neutrals, soft blues, and browns are the way to go.


Avoid high-contrast clothing like a bright white shirt and red pants. (In general, avoid white shirts without something covering it, such as a blazer. Vibrant reds will give you an unearthly, shimmering glow, and are best left at home.) For red-spectrum clothing, instead opt for deep reds, pinks, or burgundies.


A certain amount of black clothing will read fine, but an all-black ensemble may create strange balances of light, giving you a “floating head” effect, so mix it up. Please avoid clothes with writing, brands, and icons which can distract.


Take care to make sure your clothing fits appropriately when you are standing or seated.

Be wrinkle free. General rule: Wear clothing that is comfortable and natural-looking, and you should be good to go.



If you wear jewelry, keep it simple. Resist large, shiny pieces. Large or flashy jewelry may catch the light in ways you cannot anticipate, so remember: the focus of the Image is your face, not your jewelry unless you are a jewelry designer..



Style long hair away from your face to avoid light shadowing; consider wearing your hair up or bring a brush to flatten the stray strands. Clean-shaven gentlemen should shave an hour or two before the shoot, to avoid having a five o’clock shadow apparent.



If you wear makeup, keep it light and natural, and bring the materials with you in case a touch-up is required. If you don’t wear makeup, we might put a little powder or foundation on your face to even out shadows and take away the reflective shine from on-set lighting. Wash and moisturize your face prior to arrival so your skin is healthy and nourished.









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