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A Proven New York City Health Care Photographer

When you work with our New York City health care photographer, you’ll be working alongside a celebrated local photographer and published author. Our photography has been featured in notable outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, and many more. Your search for a photographer with proven results has brought you to us.

Our work in pharmaceutical advertising photos is well established amongst some of the biggest names in health care. When you have a story to tell about your brand and medical care in contemporary America, we can help you get the message out.

Our commitment to telling the stories of people as they intersect with the health care system has brought our meaningful photography into the homes of countless people. From patients to executives, our photography aims to create a compelling narrative that tells your story.

Our unique eye is all about amplifying the stories of the people we encounter. Each of us has a unique connection to the health care system and we all have stories to share. Our New York City health care photographer has built up her career by creating celebrated narratives alongside some truly amazing people.

Our photography has published books including An Ordinary Day which details the daily lives of families with young children with rare genetic conditions. This important story connects each of our daily lives to those of families facing difficult circumstances and intimate health care stories.

After That Day: Stories of Epilepsy that offer a compelling glimpse into the lives of people who struggle with epilepsy and their search for treatment and cures.

Our photographer has plenty of new projects in the works including Under My Skin which gives transgender youth the chance to share their stories as they navigate our complex world.

We work closely with people at every intersection of health care to help them tell their stories. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our pharmaceutical advertising photos and other work.

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