With photographers, I look for two characteristics. One is their technical proficiency -- their ability to master the medium in its ever-increasing digital complexity. The other is their talent. Ineffable, unteachable, a gift. On both scores, Karen Haberberg is special. She's demonstrated startling technical proficiency and inventiveness (see her night sky photographs).


And as far as raw talent goes, Karen is exceptionally gifted. Her gifts are particularly evident in the intimacy of her portraits of children, particularly children (and families) suffering from serious illnesses (see her photo book "An Ordinary Day.")


She has the rare ability to engage people in the decisive moment, while showing great respect and sensitivity to the family's often fraught circumstances. So if you ever need someone to capture a particularly intimate and heart-rending dynamic, and turn it into a dramatic and compelling story, then you could hardly do better than to engage Karen.

Bill Drummy

Founder and Chairman Emeritus (Retired) at Heartbeat

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