3 Ways Rare Disease Marketing Differs

My mom who lost a child to a Tay-Sachs Disease once said to me, "The likeliness you have a specific rare disease may be 1/200,000 but when you or your child are the 1 – the number 1 is the only thing that matters."

1. The rare disease market is a made up of many very small populations. A Rare disease is defined as a group that has less than 200,000 diagnosed, and there are approximately 7000 rare diseases to date.

That being said, many rare diseases have much less people diagnosed. For example, in my book, An Ordinary Day – Kids with Rare Genetic Conditions, one of the families I photographed and interviewed had two kids who have NGLY1 – at that time, only 30 people in the world were diagnosed with NGLY1.

The low numbers of people affected by a specific rare disease presents a dilemma to marketers who are accustomed to targeting millions