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Healthcare Photography with Real Patients - The Real Story.

By Karen Haberberg

Working with real patients who are often compromised and fatigued can be a challenge for some photographers. Often times, the patients need to take a break during the shoot – they need to be cared for and considered differently than with models who are trained to be photographed and do not usually have debilitating health ailments that will affect the shoot.

I love photographing real patients for the reason that other photographers sometimes do not. I love learning about their conditions, sharing their stories visually and promoting awareness for the population they represent.

I make sure not to manipulate them into doing things for the camera that will hurt or exhaust them in any way. As a result, I find that they are much more apt to trust me and they in turn give me the best of themselves which is seen in the images I capture for pharma companies, pr and marketing companies, healthcare organizations, etc.

My advice to healthcare agencies – Be mindful when hiring a photographer to shoot healthcare patients that they are first and foremost sensitive to the needs of the subjects. The great expressions and content from these patients will follow.


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