Karen’s COVID 19 Photo Shoot Guidelines

Don't stop shooting. Just be safe. Don't think you can't have a photo shoot during this time -- just take the precautions necessary to be safe. Whether it's a portrait, editorial, commercial or healthcare photography shoot,

here are a list of suggestions of how to stay covid free while working on a shoot:

  1. Masks required and only taken off when in a photograph.

  2. People entering should have temperature taken.

  3. Upon entering each person should use hand sanitizer.

  4. Extra masks, gloves, sanitizer available on set.

  5. Social distancing- only people to be photographed in the area

  6. Schedule people carefully to avoid people overlapping in the space unnecessarily.

  7. People 6 feet apart and off set when possible.

  8. Windows open when possible.

  9. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces - Disinfect the space between shots when new people enter the scene.

  10. Avoid Buffet eating. Food should not be shared.

  11. Try and shoot outside when possible.

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