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What to Wear & What Not to Wear

How to look your best in photographs.

As a photographer, I am often asked, what should I wear to a photo shoot so I thought I would put together things to consider when being photographed.

General Wardrobe Suggestions for Business Executive

  1. Professional wear - look neat and clean.

  2. Avoid Big prints and busy patterns

  3. Bring a variety of blouses with different necklines

  4. For a no-jacket casual look, bring various colored blouses - ideally darker than your skin tone

  5. Be stylish and fashionable, but remember the picture is about your face and not your clothes or jewelry.

*I suggest men bring 3 different shirts and two jackets *Women should bring 3 different blouses and a suit (pants or skirt) and another skirt or pants option. More details below.


Mid tone neutral colors are universally flattering and they convert well to black and white as well.

Black can be a little heavy, defensive, and subdued. If you usually wear a lot of black, try substituting it for richer, more neutral colors. Colors such as navy, chocolate, maroon, or dark green, cream or beige, are often similar to flesh tones and can make you look washed-out.


I suggest avoiding sleeveless tops, because exposed arms can highlight the contrast between the color of your arms to your face which can be distracting. Avoid shirts that have wrinkles of that are too baggy because they can be read as messy.


It’s an easy way to create 2 different looks — Jacket on or jacket off. An ironed shirt by itself will give you a look that works well across many different sectors and looks great under a jacket too.


Don’t be afraid to bring layers. A scarf or pashmina can add versatility and an easy change between a summer look and a winter look. It will also change your neckline and add volume, texture, and dimension to the photo.


When possible, vary your hair style. Have it tied back, in a pony tail or down. I suggest bringing a hairbrush with you. (Fortunately, we do have photoshop for stray hairs flying around).


I suggest for still photography try not to over do it. Light and natural are key. People will focus on your eyes and mouth so void products with sparkles that make you look shiny. I suggest getting a makeup artist if it’s in your budget.


Definitely wear glasses for your shoot if you feel they represent who you are. Tip: Make sure they are clean so any dust or smudging isn’t visible in the photo. Also, If you decide not to wear them consider taking them off at least half an hour before the shoot to prevent those little red marks on the side of your nose showing up in the photo.

Hope this guidelines help! If you need a headshot or portrait, contact Karen Haberberg Photography

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