Nowadays. almost all businesses and healthcare company need photography. and while you may have an in house photographer or friend, you may need high-quality portraits of doctors, nurses, executives and real patients that require a photographer who understands how to make people feel comfortable while staying on task.


Product shots of medical equipment and medicine require a shooting space with photographers who understand the details of studio lighting and composition. 

Sometimes you don't want to plan the entire shoot - You just want your vision delivered.


We start with a conversation on what you want to achieve. What type of marketing or campaign you are interested in.

We provide you with a bid and budget of what we think it will cost based on your deck or concept. We then set up a timeline for the scope of the project including deliverables and weekly meetings to keep things moving on time and budget. 


We take pride in being easy to work with while delivering original high level content that your company can use to raise awareness, promote themselves and build a brand people will trust.


What is the first step?

After a client reaches out to us we schedule a consultation to discuss the project.

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What if we need a studio or location?

Options of studio spaces and locations will depend on the shoot needs. Size, space and cost will be assessed.

What if we want to add shoot days or content after the budget is approved and the dates are locked in?

We do our best we can to accommodate requests throughout the process.

How do we arrange for casting?

We work with several casting agents to ensure you have options on the demographic you are looking to use.

What if the client can't make it to the shoot?

We always welcome the client but we are able to virtually seek approvals during the shoot if preferred.

How do you work with patients to make them comfortable?

Photographing big pharma company, incredibly fatigued patients, you can manipulate them, be protective of them, they can get hurt, you have to be careful

Balance Getting the shots you want along with sensitivity to peple and ailments. They will sense your concern for them and give you what you need and your photographs will be authentic and get the best of them. It's about trust from both sides.

What are your rates? 

Rates vary based on project goals and needs. 

Knowing the tools, being great at them, but knowing the plan, the subjects and being flexible. Working calmly and confidently.

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