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Healthcare marketing has the opportunity to positively impact the lives of patients and caregivers. There is no better way to get a message across than using real patients with authentic stories. Authentic Visual Storytelling Builds trust and confidence in a product or message and engages people to act. Here are several reasons why...

1. A marketing story should be relatable. Patients are more likely to respond to content directly from another patient just like them than they are to content directly from the brand that is trying to sell them something. (If the story is about people who have problems just like they do and your brand can solve the problem, people will feel that you can solve their problems as well.)

2. Using real patients creates an immediate emotional and personal connection. This encourages people to think, ask questions and get engaged. This builds trust for your brand or product.

3. People are more likely to act when they can connect.

4. Real people sharing their stories are believable.

5. People are more likely to retain information when given in story form rather than facts, stats, and data.

There are so many amazing and authentic stories to share, and in doing so I believe we are bringing a little more humanity into this world.

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