When World War II broke out, Benjamin Haberberg was about one and a half and was living in Warsaw at 10 Maryanska Street with his parents, Dora and Raphael Haberberg. His extended family lived on another floor. It was 1940 and it was going to be a long five years.

Benjamin’s father disappeared within the first year of the war. Throughout the remaining years, Dora and her son did whatever they could to survive. They pretended to be devout Polish Catholics, they claimed new identities, they lived with Nazis. They tried not to starve, be killed, bombed, found out, or recognized. It was all about survival. You had to be a little smarter, a little luckier, to survive.Thankfully they did. 


You can listen to Benjamins Audio Interview.

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This work, as a documentation is significant at a time when the holocaust is still being challenged. The saga of its survivors is drying out. The need for those who can bear witness to their tragedy is more important than ever. Below you will find authentic documentation and the first images of my father after surviving the war.

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