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My name is

Karen Haberberg

I love meeting and learning about people. I allow people to be vulnerable, authentic and free to express who they are in front of my camera. We are multidimensional, full of beauty, remorse, vulnerability, fear, happiness, and love. Documenting emotions is what excites me as photographer, and a human being, and it is how I connect to the world around me. Balancing getting “the shot” while making people feel safe is what makes my work stand out.


Each year I choose a personal project to work on in hopes of raising awareness for certain social causes including Transgender youths, Holocaust survivors, how social media is effecting teens, the stress gun violence is causing our youth and living with rare diseases.


My Night and Aerial Photographer gives me a chance to escape the everyday minutia and see the magic in our world. My happy place is with my camera photographing the milky way, feeling small, humbled and invigorated by the images I am making.


Check out my travel website at 

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