Real Healthcare Patients
Young girl who has Scleroderma smiles against a white seamless background. She has a breathing tube coming out of her nose.
Health & Wellness
Photograph of woman in a tank top with headphones on outside near river.
Healthcare, Pharma, & Medical
Close up of Man in healthcare ad campaign with white seamless background.
Executive Portraits
Business Portrait of a woman sitting on a ledge near a window inside an apartment with a plant beside her.
Published: An Ordinary Day
Photography and art book, An Ordinary Day -Kids with Rare Genetic Conditions by Karen Haberberg.
Published: After That Day
After that Day - Stories of Epilepsy. Photography by Karen Haberberg.
Under My Skin: Transgender Youths
Transgender youth in a new project by Karen Haberberg titled, Under My Skin.
A holocaust survivor describes his experiences in Poland.
From Above
Aerial Photography
Around The World
Documentary Photography from around the world by Karen Haberberg.
Cold as Ice
Wide shot of glacier in Argentina with people walking in the distance.
After Dark
Night Photography by Karen Haberberg. A sunflower farm in Riverhead NY at night.
Fine Art Store
Artwork for sale.
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