Local Heroes: NYC Parents Making a Difference Right Now

Thanks to Red Tricycle for featuring my work: Portraits for Essential Workers during Covid 19

See below:

Like many people, photographer Karen Haberberg found herself with a lot less work when the pandemic hit. While the Chelsea resident (and mom to two girls, ages nine and 13) did continue to do remote photo sessions with families—capturing those fleeting newborn days, for example—she also felt compelled to do something for the people who were keeping the city alive, in every sense of the word.

"I was asked by a friend to photograph a bunch of employees as a 'thank you' for working in dental offices during the height of Covid. They risked their lives to deal with dental emergencies because treatment was so widely unavailable otherwise," she says. That lead to a larger project of porch photo sessions for essentials workers. She hoped to offer a respite and a moment of normalcy to these first responders, and donated her services to families throughout the city.

You can see the entirely of the project here.  on

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