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"Karen is a very talented and professional photographer. I have worked on couple of projects with her where patients living with rare diseases participated in a project. The results were great, the patients felt understood, respected and appreciated. That for me made a difference."


Global Brand Director 

"An Extraordinary Storyteller!"


“In these moving photos and narratives, Karen Haberberg locates the joy and beauty in children whose lives are too easily relegated to darkness. Her images are not only humane, but also celebratory. They proceed from a great generosity of spirit and an intuitive sense of human dignity.” 

ANDREW SOLOMON, PhD professor of clinical psychology at Columbia University, Pulitzer nominee and author of “Far from the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity”


"Best Photo & Art Book"

With photographers, I look for two characteristics. One is their technical proficiency -- their ability to master the medium in its ever-increasing digital complexity. The other is their talent. Ineffable, unteachable, a gift. On both scores, Karen Haberberg is special. She's demonstrated startling technical proficiency and inventiveness (see her night sky photographs).


And as far as raw talent goes, Karen is exceptionally gifted. Her gifts are particularly evident in the intimacy of her portraits of children, particularly children (and families) suffering from serious illnesses (see her photo book "An Ordinary Day.")


She has the rare ability to engage people in the decisive moment, while showing great respect and sensitivity to the family's often fraught circumstances. So if you ever need someone to capture a particularly intimate and heart-rending dynamic, and turn it into a dramatic and compelling story, then you could hardly do better than to engage Karen.

During a pharma industry event in midtown Manhattan, Karen partnered with our team to capture head shots of several executives. We had two locations -- in the hotel and "on the street." She carefully mapped out sites for each shot to make sure that the setting had the same feel but a slightly different background. She was adaptable to constantly changing schedules and location preferences.


Karen made our clients feel relaxed and comfortable. The photos were exactly what we needed. I highly recommend Karen for any project where you need professional collaborator to deliver a high quality product.


President + Senior Partner


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